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Dan Magay, Saxophone

Dan Magay, Saxophone

Daniel started taking lessons on clarinet at age 9 and added saxophone at age 10. During his high school years he studied clarinet with Don Carol from the S.F. symphony, Bill Menkin, and Michael Corner, and saxophone with Mary Fettig, Mel Martin, Burt Corelli, and Rory Snyder. From 1988-90 Daniel attended U.S.C. as a music major where he studied privately with clarinetist Yahooda Gilad, classical saxophone with Doug Masek, and jazz with Bob Sheppard. In 1991 he transfered to the Berklee College of Music in order to focus more on jazz performance. At Berklee he studied privately with George Garzone, Bill Pierce, Joe Viola, Jerry Bergonzi, and Hal Crook, and continued studying classical clarinet with Peter Cokinias. He graduated magna cum laude in 1994. After leaving Berklee Daniel continued his education with Victor Morosco on saxophone, clarinet, and flute. Presently Daniel is studying classical Indian music with Satish Gadagkar.

While in high school Daniel performed with his own classical wind quintet, jazz combo, the California Youth Symphony, the Monterey Jazz Festival Big Band, the All State Wind Orchestra, and the All State Jazz Band. He moved to New York in 2000 and formed “The Hub,” an avant garde jazz trio, that toured extensively in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. from 2000-04. He moved back to the Bay Area in 2005 and has been performing with the Fil Lorenz Jazz Orchestra, the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Funky Buela, the Avatar Ensemble, the Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, the Ernie Smalls Jazz Orchestra, Chester Smith, Donald Bailey, the Wind Up Trio, Heavy Heavy Baby, and the Full Spectrum Jazz Orchestra.





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